A meeting point between companies and technologies for efficient management

It is essential for companies to know and exploit the opportunities offered by new technologies. Software solutions as a service in the cloud (SaaS) applied to the management and outsourcing of business processes are an important part of these.

In Externalia S.L. we are software developers and from the knowledge of the business needs, we create scalable solutions that evolve and adapt to the working model of each client. This is how eGestiona was born, an application that automates the management of business knowledge in: Coordination, Access Control, Prevention, Quality, Environment and Legislation.

New technologies specialists

Simple solutions adapted to your company.

eGestiona is a management system with a modular structure, so we will only have to integrate those modules that we need. A great advantage that provides flexibility and allows us to adapt easily to future needs. This, together with the wide range of services that we offer, suppose true competitive and operative advantages for our clients.

Our team, highly qualified, in permanent technological vigilance, ensures the growth and continuous improvement of the solutions and services we offer.

The satisfaction of our clients guarantees us

We help a large number of workers and suppliers of the numerous companies that have placed their trust in us on a daily basis.

We are convinced that we must generate a positive effect on them, that is why we are committed to quality, the safety of people, the humanization of companies and the environment

Network of specialist partners in business process outsourcing

Software + service. Integral solutions to automate business processes.

Companies need standardized applications that are capable of evolving and that allow each client to customize and configure their business model with reasonable development and maintenance costs. With Externalia, companies have the best technological ally to enter the world of improving the management of business processes through software solutions in the cloud.

Transparency in our work, knowledge always in the hands of the client and the join of Externalia S.L. (experts in software development) and our partners (experts in business management), ensure a comprehensive solution, personalized and optimized for each company.